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Jeremiah 46:5

Why have I seen them dismayed and turned away back? and their mighty ones are beaten down, and are fled apace, and look not back: for fear was round about, said the LORD. Jeremiah 46:5 from American King James Version.
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2 Kings 19:15

And Hezekiah prayed before the LORD, and said, O LORD God of Israel, who dwellest between the cherubim, thou art the God, even thou alone, of all the kingdoms of the earth; thou hast made heaven and earth. 2 Kings 19:15 from Webster Bible Translation.

1 Samuel 20:26

And Saul hath not spoken anything on that day, for he said, 'It is an accident; he is not clean — surely not clean.' 1 Samuel 20:26 from Young's Literal Translation.

Leviticus 7:20

But the soul that eateth the flesh of the sacrifice of peace-offering which is for Jehovah, having his uncleanness upon him, that soul shall be cut off from his peoples. Leviticus 7:20 from Darby Bible Translation.

Mark 2:17

And when Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of a physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners. Mark 2:17 from English Revised Version.