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Bitcoin Soared to a new all-time high.

Here's a summary of the latest news on cryptocurrency, as of March 5th, 2024: Bitcoin: Soared to a new all-time high above $69,000 : This comes after a continuous surge that began earlier in the year. MicroStrategy to raise $600 million to buy more Bitcoin : This move reflects the company's continued bullish stance on the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin's price rally may add to inflation : Some experts argue that the increasing value of Bitcoin could contribute to inflationary pressures. Image Source: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  Services. Other news: Binance to cease all Nigerian naira transactions by March 8th : This decision is likely due to regulatory concerns. Bitcoin Bridge OrdiZK suffers apparent $1.4 million rug pull : This highlights the continued presence of scams and risks in the crypto space. Fantom seeks money back from Multichain's $200 million exploit : This incident underscores the need for robust security measures in DeFi (decentralize