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Find a web address that helps more customers find you.

Do you remember your first experience on the Internet? Where .COM was most likely the three magic letters in a URL to the right of the dot, called a domain? Chances are, it's still the most common domain you'll see. Well, today is an epic day in Internet history. We are no longer limited in our domain extension choices because  it is the official public launch of new TLDs . Right now, seven domains are available to anyone (on a first come, first served basis), and many more are coming soon. Before all the good names are taken (again), register a new web address with a fun, new twist and shows what you’re all about. These new domains might be perfect for you, especially if you are a(n): Bike store or biking enthusiast. Pedal ahead of the online crowd with a  .BIKE  web address. Designer or sell clothing. Dress up your site with  .CLOTHING . Expert on anything. Tell everyone with a  .GURU  domain. Owner of multiple businesses. Bring them together with  .HOLDINGS . Repa

Yeng Constantino -How to love (cover) Lil Wayne

unang video dito sa channel ko...Dinededicate ko to sa Sister ko.. :) at sa inyo din sana magustuhan nyo.. :) Thank you kay Dj Lamar (este Derek DJ) sa pag shoot nito at pag edit! GALING MO BRO!!!!! gawa pa tayo ng marami! At thank you din kay Micah Lamar sa pag papatawa sakin habang shinushoot to... :) Makakalimutan ko ba gumawa ng music? syempre hinde! salamat Mica Caldito...

Filipino.TV New Theme

It's been a while since I updated Filipino.TV website, so I decided to change to a darker theme for better viewing of videos and reading in a clear white text. I hope you like it too :) Please send us email to Support @Filipino.NET if you have a video to share. We will add them here. website is ready to sell you candies.

I'm so excited to announce my new investment, e.g. Candy Online Store . It's an opportunity to own a generic keyword domain name with the new .Zone domain extension. When I found out about the availability of a new domain extension, my entrepreneur mindset kicks in. I registered some generic keyword domains at low cost ownership for personal and business use. For example, I replaced my robotic web page from to http://Robot.Guru it is a memorable and intuitive domain names relevant to my site. With domain name, now I have a Candy Online Store powered by Amazon services. In the future, I might be able to use this online web store to sell our own Candy products. Right now it is ready to sell you some candies. Come visit the Candy Online Store . This is an excellent opportunity to get something new for your business. If you like your current domain name for your website, that's ok. You can forward you