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Super Typhoon Megi hits Philippines as thousands seek shelter

Super Typhoon Megi became the strongest cyclone in years to lash the northern Philippines on Monday with huge waves, strong rains and ferocious winds that toppled electricity poles, drowned one man and triggered massive emergency preparations. Thousands of people have sought shelter while authorities warned millions of residents and rice farmers along the typhoon's path to look out for damage to crops, homes and power lines. The eye of the typhoon made landfall on Monday at Palanan Bay in northeastern Isabela province. By RussiaToday [endtext]

Honor and Excellence (Prof. Monsod's last lecture to her class) [starttext] On October 5, 2010, Professor Solita Monsod delivered her last lecture for the semester to our Econ 100.1 class. This is no doubt one of the most moving [and entertaining] pieces of public lecture I've heard from a professor, and is definitely something that every Filipino must hear and watch. By jedoenriquez [endtext]