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How to set your router to allow NAT to OPEN and having the availability to connect multiple consoles.

If you are trying to fix NAT connection problem with your Xbox Live, you come to the right place (well I provide other informations IT-related). It took me a while to resolve this on my own, with the help of reading some articles as noted here.

For this article, I will use my router device (also my wireless, gateway and firewall) Motorola SBG900 for my example.

  • Configure your Router. You need to login to your router (or firewall) and add the following ports needed to run Xbox Live. These are TCP 80, UDP 88, UDP/TCP 3074, UDP/TCP 53, UDP 1900, and TCP 5000. The 80 and 53 are needed anyway. The port 80 is for browsing the Internet and 53 for resolving the DNS information. The ports 88 and 3074 are port Xbox Live prots.
  • Enable Universal Plag N Play (UPnP). Some router device configuration have an easy way to enable it. If you don't have this feature, you need to add port UDP 1900 and TCP 5000 to enable support of UPnP frameworks.
  • NAT Open. You need to add entry for port fowarding to allow Xbox Live connection to work.
  • Port Forwarding information. XBOX_1900, Port Start 1900, Port End 1900 for And XBOX_5000, Port Start 5000, Port End 5000 for The IP address ( is assigned to my Xbox device.
  • The End of how to configure.




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