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Conficker April 1st - April Fools Virus

When you first bought your computer (workstation) or your laptop, did you set your Automatic Updates to install Microsoft Security Updates daily?

Did you install anti-virus software and download updates daily?

If you have not done it lately, it's highly recommended to download the latest Windows Security Updates and run anti-virus live update for your workstation. This is to minimize risk of exposure, patch vulnerabilty and close known exploit. This coming April 1st, April fools day a virus known as The Conficker Worm will start attacking computers connected to the network and Internet. I don't know the attack pattern, in the past the attacker created a botnet to disabled known website through Denial of Service Attack. The method of attack might be different as they know that most businesses added security measures against this type of attack.

This is the time to run Windows Update, update your antibot software, and update your anti-virus software.

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